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The great author Hans Christian Andersen once said: “Where words fail, music speaks.”

So true is the power of music, that James’ passion-turned-hobby-turned-profession is to compose and deliver breathtaking sounds that act as the harmonious companion to a wide range of visual projects.

Audio is more than half of any story and although corporate video production is often seen as a business utility rather than an art form, it is still very much an act of storytelling. Every story is a message and every message is communicated to a defined audience in order to achieve a particular goal.

Sound dictates the mood and momentum of any visual component and often anchors a production. With a myriad of audible options, James’ AudioJungle profile is a magical and musical safari where one can discover the perfect sonics to suit any visual context.

James Sismanes Audio Jingle Advertising Jingles Melbourne Australia
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