14%! “Dr. Claus” and “Millionaire Mountain” Land in the Top 14% on Coverfly + Accolade Updates

14%! "Dr. Claus" and "Millionaire Mountain" Land in the Top 14% on Coverfly + Accolade Updates

April 19, 2022

14% Overall! A semi-finalist! Woohoo!

They say as a creative, to remain even-keeled at all times. While I appreciate the sentiment, not celebrating your wins kinda goes against my code of behaviour. Celebrate your wins, commiserate and learn from your losses, and try not to take any of it to heart 💙.


So, here’s my big win for April: both my screenplays #DrClaus🧑🏻‍🎄💊 and #MillionaireMountain💵⛰♠️ just made the top 14% of almost 80,000 screenplays listed on Coverfly 🙏🏼😍


How’d that happen? Well, mostly because “Dr. Claus” advanced as a Semi-Finalist in the Emerging Screenwriters Genre Screenplay Competition, while “Millionaire Mountain” qualified as a Second Rounder for the Launch Pad Pilot Competition!


So. Awesome. These are the things that keep me writing, and keep the dream in sight. Now, back to “Final Draft” I go!

Dr Claus Millionaire Mountain Top 14%

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