August’s Audio Jungle Uploads + NEW Royalty-Free Series

August's Audio Jungle Uploads + NEW Royalty-Free Series

September 9, 2021

Superhero Flix Theme Music - Royalty Free Superhero Theme Music by James Sismanes


Microwave that popcorn, dim the lights and put on your superhero cape because it’s time for… “Superhero Flix Theme Music,” by James Sismanes!

The ultimate superhero movie, TV show or video clip theme, “Superhero Flix Theme Music” kicks things off with a “heartbeat” and ticking percussion to build tension.

By the time our heroic strings arrive, we’re ready to take-down a quintessential supervillain. Trumpets, trombones, french horns and an enchanting vocal choir elevate the track to the next level, before a glorious string section carries us to the end of the chase.

“Superhero Flix Theme Music “is the perfect superhero, epic, cinematic, adventure, action, dramatic, and heroic orchestral track, ideally suited for your next movie trailer, film score, hero theme music, video game or YouTube video project.And remember: every hero must have a theme song…


Circus of Carnival Clowns and Halloween Evil - DOWNLOAD ROYALTY FREE MUSIC SERIES by James Sismanes

Cover your eyes, kids! Something SPOOKY is happening at Audio Jungle.

Welcome to “Carnival Clowns and Halloween Evil,” the perfect circus, carnival, clown and halloween-themed track by James Sismanes.

We begin with an European accordion melody and tubular bells before a Persian ney plays to move the the track forward.

Pizzicatos follow before a woodwind section leads us to a haunting children’s choir melody. We build on this melody with brass and string instrumentation, followed by a marimba and a spieluhr.

A spooky string quarter layers our rhythm before a music box sings us out.

“Carnival Clowns and Halloween Evil” is the perfect companion for visuals demonstrating the themes of: Halloween, circus, carnival, house of horrors and anything and everything spooky in between!



Medieval Fantasy Castle Theme - Royalty Free Adventure Music by James Sismanes

Return to the Middle Ages with James Sismanes’ “Medieval Fantasy Castle Theme.”

Let’s take it back to a time of knights and dames and dragons and swords; where feudalism ruled and the next noble warrior was a battle away from the crown!

Okay, enough of the “story time” nonsense – let’s get to the music, shall we?

We begin with an enchanting cello, playing the track’s leading melody. A pizzicato, solo horn and solo flute quickly accompany the arrangement as we begin to progress. Our string section arrives just in time as the tension and emotion begins to build. We transition into a choir and legato brass section before our final percussion-driven crescendo arrives.

With a mix of brassed and stringed instruments, a piano, woodwinds and a range of vocal choirs, “Medieval Fantasy Castle Theme” teleports you to the Middle Ages.

“Medieval Fantasy Castle Theme” is perfectly suited for your next medieval, epic, fantasy , gods, gladiator, triumphant, action short film, movie, trailer, video game and more.


Fairytales & Rainbows Theme - DOWNLOAD ROYALTY FREE MUSIC SERIES (Fantasy) by James Sismanes

Welcome to a world of pure imagination and fantasy with James Sismanes’ “Fairytales & Rainbows Theme.”

Inspired by the sounds of Disney, Disney theme parks and Disney parades, this whimsical piece takes you to a land of ceremonial adventure and joy.

We begin with a combination of French horns, trumpets, bass trombones and strings. A legato strings section helps to communicate the feeling of “adventure” and “excitement” before a series of woodwind runs teleports us to a land of magic and splendour.

A glockenspiel and a tubular bell helps to lighten the mood before we takeoff into our final crescendo.

A female choir – playing the part of a beautiful fairytale princess – glissando harps, stacked symphonies, additional brass articulations and a percussion section carry us home.“Fairytales & Rainbows Theme” is a magical, childlike, and expressive cinematic orchestral piece that inspires the feeling of bedtime stories and far away castles. The track is perfect for fairytale drama films, movies, trailers, video games, Christmas projects, independent films, baby videos and many more.



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