Poems About Life – ‘Now, as an Adult’

Poems About Life - 'Now, as an Adult'

May 19, 2018

Poems about life - yet another new hobby.

Just when I thought I’d run out of the creative Slurpee.

For years, I’ve written lyrics. In fact, I remember writing rhymes about the passing of my late grandmother back when I was 9 or 10 years old (thanks a lot, Scribe and Eminem). Through the serial process of maturation, that lust for fine lyricism has now transformed into a love for fine wordplay and poetry. Something like a vanilla milkshake to red wine kind of thing – only, I still prefer the vanilla milkshake.

That’s why – after The Art of Being Jonny – I decided to continue writing in a different medium. It’s now with great pleasure that I present to you, my debut poem: Now, as an Adult.

Now, as an Adult

Candy canes and misbehaviour ‘til the sheep would leap,
But now as an adult a Sour Monkey needs its sleep.

Playing by the lake, unbothered, Monday through Sunday,
But now as an adult we drown to keep the pain away.

The gongs of school bells, paper books, loose leafs and handkerchiefs,
But now as an adult we slave for bacon not the beef.

December was what mattered, so much joy beneath the sleigh,
But now as an adult it’s just another holiday.

Losing track of time because the time was never real,
But now as an adult we have no more time we can steal.

Cutting up the grass with nothing more than bright blue boots,
But now as an adult we mow and slice up all the roots.

Dragons, swords and fortunes, we’d be knighted so we’d kneel,
But now as an adult our luck demands we spin the wheel.

Afternoon remote controls and bowls of tasty fruit,
But now as an adult we’re programmed just so we’ll stay mute.

Disciples of love and manners while Nintendo saves a level,
But now as an adult ‘boorish behaviour’ lauds the devil.

An open book, a fairy-tale, alarms and dressing gowns,
But now as an adult a spread sheet dominates our crown.

Imagination never wavered, our clothes and hair dishevelled,
But now as an adult its liquor that forces us to revel.

Scavenging through the pantry just in search for something brown,
But now as an adult that very sugar cures a frown.

Dreaming on the ceiling when the skies outside were grey,
But now as an adult I dream just to keep the dream awake.


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